Green Initiatives

The first beginning in sustainability at Procam Events was way back in 2011 when Procam International created an Urban Forest in Bangalore. A desolate piece of land along a man-made lake was developed and around 300 trees of various species were planted, This afforestation has now helped in the development of a large bio-diversity park in the area.

Later on in 2016, beginning from Bangalore, and later Delhi & Kolkata, we began take a serious look at the environmental impact and from 2016 we have been delivering 100% waste managed events.

Over the years, Procam has undertaken numerous steps to work towards making its events environmentally sustainable. our events are committed to putting Environment first. Our green initiative is aptly named Eco-stride.

Many sustainable measures are followed such as

  1. Zero Waste to Landfill
  2. Fast Track last mile disposal
  3. Recycling plastic and other materials
  4. Flex Upcycling
  5. Wet food waste – composting
  6. Ensuring proper treatment of bio waste, sewage waste

By the very nature, conducting an international distance running event in a metropolis is not possible without the seamless and wholehearted cooperation of the Government (State & Central) and various civic authorities like the municipal corporations, police, etc. Procam International has taken the initiative to involve the local municipal corporations in its green journey and use their expertise especially in the case of solid waste management. Procam works closely with the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) for its Bangalore event – TCS World 10K.

The journey starts from Reducing waste generation (for eg: using digital modes for registration and communication, replacing plastic packaging with cloth bags, encouraging Runners to ‘Bring your own Bottle’, etc.) to segregation of waste generated throughout the race week and race day. The municipal corporation extends complete co-operation and gets involved with the segregation, recycling/composting processes. Procam also employs the services of experts in the field of waste management like Hasiru Dala Innovations, who work closely with the waste pickers in Bangalore and with the BBMP.

Procam has proudly achieved ‘zero waste to landfill’ at all its events !

Green Initiatives at TCS World 10K 2023

TCS World 10k 2023 will be a 100% waste managed event, with a focus on managing waste through the 3R Principal –Reduce, Re-use & Recycle.

Procam International is working closely with BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) and Hasiru Dala Innovations (HDI), a social enterprise – focused on creating better livelihoods for waste pickers. HDI will be advising Procam International about different eco-friendly alternatives and ensure efficient waste management.

TCS World 10K 2023 Green Initiatives Include:

  1. Ensuring Zero waste to Landfill.
  2. Fast Track last mile waste disposal.
  3. Using TCS World 10K as a platform to promote awareness about waste management& environmental practices through adequate communication.
  4. Online Registrations
  5. Digital Handbooks for participants
  6. Email and Digital communication with participants to help reduce paper consumption
  7. Bibs distributed without any plastic cover
  8. Reusable Cloth backpack Bags for holding Bibs and personal items
  9. Paper bags used for Event Kitting
  10. Participants encouraged to return the plastic covers of race day event tees in designated bins at Expo.
  11. Participants encouraged to bring their own water bottle to the event which can be refilled at the refill counters provided at water stations.
  12. Reducing plastic. No Water bottles in the Venue, Refreshment Zone and Holding Area. Water to be distributed in paper cups (without plastic lining)
  13. Participants encouraged to dispose waste in the right bin through various announcements and waste pickers / volunteers. All areas are manned by tagged bins for collection of dry and wet
  14. Waste segregation at source – Dry & Wet Waste segregated at the source of generation ie: the Event Expo,Race Course, Holding area, Start/Finish, Event Marquees and Media Centre among 
  15. On Race Day at the Venue – there will be large Waste kiosks (centralized waste disposal & collection stations), that will have separate bins – DRY for paper, tetra packs etc, PLASTIC for PET bottles, food containers and WET for food waste.
  16. Organic waste – will be collected and converted to bio CNG at HDI’s bio gas plant
  17. Pet bottles will be recycled and converted to buttons which will be used in apparel.
  18. Waste paper and cardboard will be recycled to paper,files, craft paper etc.
  19. Branding recycled: All branding will be on cloth. NGO Swabhimaan will becollecting all the branding and making them into dry garbage collection bags which will be used back in the next event.
  20. Garbage bags for current event made from last year’s branding leftover material.
  21. Excess Food items post the event will be distributed to the needy through NGO Swabhimaan.
  22. Majja Run medals to be a recycled medal.
  23. Detailed sustainability report, along with waste generation data will also be promoted on the event website and social media.
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