64 Days 23 Hours 1 Mins to go for Race Day

The TCS World 10K, Bengaluru Evokes Something Larger, Something Significant In People And The City. Rallying To Break Records And Set New Ones. Keeping Steps With Elite Athletes From The World Over. Putting Running For A Cause At The Forefront. Giving Back To The City. Creating Phenomenal Impact In Terms Of Social Change.

The Pride Of Being Part Of The World’s Premier 10K Run. Spectacular Course. Host City Vibe. Individual Triumphs. Electric Atmosphere. The Sense Of Occasion. An Emotional Time.

When We Feel Alive We Give Off A Powerful Energy. An Energy That Is Vital Not Only To Ourselves, But To Our Near Ones, Our Communities And Everyone Else Around Us Too.

To Be Alive – Is Being Capable Of More Than You Imagined.

Being Part Of Something Significant, Together.

Doing Something Meaningful, Making It Count.

Having Belief In Self.

Finding Your Inner Joy.

To Be Alive – Is Power.