Nandini Ashokumar

Nandini Ashokumar is a passionate teacher with three master’s degrees in computer applications, English and Education. She has been teaching for the past seventeen years. She is a multifaceted versatile person-runner, dancer, motivator, fitness enthusiast, tech-savvy and public speaker all rolled in one.

As a teacher, she believes in continually updating and equipping herself to meet the demands and challenges of the modern era. As a process drama workshop trainer conducts workshops for teachers on various critical problem-solving processes that are predominantly interactive with new technology and tools. Her passion for both theatre and teaching makes every classroom and workshop experience unique and inspires young minds to think creatively.

Her innovative teaching practices fetched her the BEST TEACHER AWARD South Zone 2008 from the Education Quality Foundation of India (EQFI). As one of the Top 5 finalists in the Primary Teacher category, she received a Certificate of Commendation from The GLOBAL EDUCATION LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION (TGELF) for best teaching practices. In 2016, ‘We Are the City India’, recognized her passion and talent and awarded her the ‘Rising Star India’ award in Education and Technology category. In addition to garnering several awards, she is also one of the Innovation Ambassadors of her school.

As a senior member of the running club Chennai Runners Pillar Pacers (CRPP), she leads the group, plans activities and encourages and motivates fellow runners. As a mentor and pacer, she has helped many achieve their dreams. She was part of the first-ever women pacer squadron organized by TCSWORLD10K and has paced around 16 events. She is an active marathon runner with several Half marathons and 10 Full Marathons under her belt.

She has extended her support to the volunteers of Teach for India by planning weekend physical activities for the corporation school kids. During the pandemic when everything seemed to be gloomy and dark, she added cheer and brightened the day for many- She took up the role of a volunteer and supported first-generation English speakers through

She is a role model for her children and students, she is a bundle of energy who is also game for other activities like dancing and painting. In those challenging times, to promote an active lifestyle she conducted online fitness sessions for HDOR Global FITFEST & GETFIT series.

This ebullient teacher and marathoner believes that excellence is achieved by doing small things perfectly with passion.

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