Niha Hiremath

Run changes the way we see life & makes it more positive.

Myself niha hiremath , aged 42 years , happy home maker & a mother of two kids aged 16 & 10 years..

Run – as the word says run away from stress & anxiety. Yes for me running is stress buster which adds more enthu to life. Running gives me pleasure to take fresh air in the morning , to venture new roads by steps & to meet new like minded people.

My running journey started in 2015 with 3km run in AHM when I was not even aware there exists marathons.After my 1st run I realised it is possible for me because I thought running is not my cup up tea as I was neither into any sports activities nor a gym person or into running. With regular practice by myself in 6 months I ran my debut 10k in Pinkathon Hyderabad 2016.

Now running has become my passion. Running boosts me energy to be active , fit & makes me to think positive.Being woman, running gives me strength to myself to look forward.I believe with discipline , dedication and determination, we can achieve anything. 

I love outstation runs ,where I get to run in new coarse, new environment  and even I get to see new place as well.

I have completed officially 25 + Half marathons which includes Bangalore, Delhi, ladakh , Jaipur ,chennai, satara, kochi, mumbai, Kolkatta, Coimbatore marathons etc ..

Im a self motivated runner. I like to share my knowledge about injury free running and to bring healthy lifestyle in people’s life. So I train adults & kids to run upto 5km (couch to 5k sessions). Im successfully organised a community run for a participants of 500 people. 

Being into running carrier I have realised the moral booster of having Personal Best(PB) timing and decided to help others to get their Personal Bests as a Pacer. So paced in many events to encourage people to achieve their targets. I believe that good training, nutrition, hydration & proper sleep are key important roles of running. 

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