Official Philanthropy Partner – India Cares Foundation

India Cares is a non-profit organisation, which believes in the Civil Society Organisations -CSOs (NGOs) and serves as a friend to them. The aim is to collaborate with CSOs all over India.

Vision: A Civil Society that engages, inspires and works towards solutions through Public Participation.

Mission: Enhance capacities of Civil Society Organisations - CSOs (NGOs) in Capacity Building, Public Engagement & Resource Mobilization; Facilitate CSR; Enable large impact projects through Collaborations and alliances.

Values: Trust CSOs, be non-judgmental & cause neutral.

India Cares' approach is of enabling, capacity building through 'learn by doing method', being non-judgmental & cause neutral is unique and appreciated as its hand holding thru the process and beyond for CSO's.

India Cares also brings together multiple entities, become Enablers and/ or Anchor, projects that impact Society at large in the areas of Education; Water Conservation and Disaster Relief.

Since 2008, India Cares has worked with over 1500 CSOs while helping them learn about donor management & communications enabled them to raise INR 120+ crore. India Cares is also association with over 400 companies..

The other programs of India Cares are:

  • ReachOut - A shared service with CSOs to help them build communications strategy, materials & skills - Appeals; Campaigns; Templates; Samples; Checklists, relationship management;
  • WishTree - An platform to encourage donations of actual needs, fulfilling in kind needs by promising to deliver the items or donating for the same;
  • WaterLife - End to end solution for Society, across India, in the area of Water Conservation; Literacy; Advocacy; Sustainability and Research in alliance with Biome Environmental Trust and Friends of Lakes. The team has made many Rainwater Recharge Wells, Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Schools in and around Bangalore since 2018.

To Donate or Raise funds for a participating CSO:

Visit: ; Email: ; Call: 080-23335715