Testimonial of Runners

I switched from whey protein to FAST&UP plant protein since the time it launched and it's safe to say that it has been a game changer for me.I used to have a lot of gastric issues with whey protein.Hence after introducing FAST&UP Plant Protein in my routine I have zero gastric complaints because of this product. My recovery is much quicker now and being a Triathlete I need to train and recover quickly for the next workout which is aided by FAST&UP Plant Protein. I absolutely love this product and I recommend it to everybody!

Rituja Udpikar

I have been using FAST&UP for over two years now. There is no brand I've trusted to be as safe for athletes as this one. In my 10k training, FAST&UP enables me to do my speed sessions and long runs without constantly worrying about replacing the lost electrolytes. My two favourite products are reload and the energy gel.

Trikuti Sharma

A friendly Indian brand who understands athletes. The team being athletes themselves make so much of a difference in understanding the need for supplements, correct hydration and nutrition too. Recover is my favourite as it really brings the 'Zing' back after a hard workout. I wish I could name one - you guys have spoilt me with choice - Magnesio - I see a difference in my energy and recovery over a period of time - BCAA - works excellent during the grueling strength workouts and to build that endurance.

Deepa Bhatt


FAST&UP is thrilled to be the Official Energy Drink of the TCSW10K, and is thrilled to once again fuel the determined spirit of runners across India.

Nutrition Strategies for TCSW10K

Best Seller Products

FAST&UP Reload - Combo of 4 Tubes - Blueberry Flavour

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FAST&UP Activate - Combo of 3 Tubes - Orange Flavour

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FAST&UP Recover - Combo of 2 Tubes - Raspberry Flavour

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FAST&UP Terra - Active Greens - 40 scoops - Superfoods and Supergreens

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FAST&UP BCAA - Jar of 30 servings - Cola Flavour

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FAST&UP Energy Gel - Bundle of 5 Gels - Chocolate Flavour

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FAST&UP Energy Gel - Bundle of 5 Gels - Strawberry Banana Flavour

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FAST&UP Glutamine Muscle Recovery - 60 Servings

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FAST&UP - N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) - Combo of 3 Tubes

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FAST&UP Terra - Plant Protein - 10 Servings - Ghana Chocolate

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FAST&UP Terra - Organic Spirulina Plus - 100 Servings - For Iron and Immunity

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FAST&UP Terra - Wheatgrass Plus - 30 Servings - Unflavoured

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Pre Run

Get ready for your run with FAST&UP Activate. Boost your performance with increased stamina and endurance.

During Run

When you think you’re hitting the wall, give yourself a boost of instant energy with the FAST&UP Energy Gel. All you have to do is: bit, squeeze and action!


Runners need to replace the fluids they lose during a run. Rehydrate with the complete profile of electrolytes to prevent muscle cramps and get instantly recharged with energy.

Post Run

After an exhausting run, support your recovery process with reduced muscle breakdown, fatigue and weakness with FAST&UP Recover.


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