TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2022 raises INR 3.12 crore for Philanthropy; INR 49.16 Crore raised since 2008

South India’s largest Sporting Platform for Philanthropy, supports 30,000 less fortunate people every year

The Tata Consultancy Services World 10K Bengaluru has been a symbol of pride and prestige for Bengaluru and Karnataka for fourteen years. The World Athletics Elite Label race on Sunday, 15th May, witnessed 19,000 runners take center stage at the World’s premier 10K and #ComeAlive. With the stellar line-up of elite athletes, course records were smashed. TCS World 10K Bengaluru became India’s first-ever international mass participation sporting event in the post-pandemic era, with the support of the city and state authorities and the event sponsors.

  • INR 3.12 crore in clearly-tracked figures raised for various causes
  • Bal Utsav is the highest fundraising CSO with INR 48.55 lakh raised
  • Binu Verma has raised INR 44.13 lakh as the highest fundraiser for Bal Utsav.
  • Since 2008, the event has raised over INR 49.16 crores

Bengalureans’ generosity was at the forefront yet again. In a short period, the 2022 edition of the World’s Premier 10K raised an impressive INR 3.12 crore for a multitude of causes.  The event’s Philanthropy Partner India Cares Foundation continued its support to maintain the legacy as South India’s largest Sporting Platform, by raising INR 49.16 crore since the inception of the race in 2008.

ES Chakravarthy, Global RMG Head & Vice President, TCS, said “It is heartening to know that the TCS World 10K Bengaluru raised an impressive INR 3.12 crore this year which will go a long way to save lives, enable social protection and move a step closer to making better futures. The initiative by India Cares Foundation, resonates with our brand statement, Building on Belief. It is a belief, which drives runners and is at the core of our deep association with flagship marathons like the TCS World 10K Bengaluru. For us, building on belief celebrates the achievement of every runner, values communities, and aspires for a purposeful tomorrow”.

In this edition, 57 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs) benefitted from funds raised by amateur runners, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals from all walks of life, in support of Child Welfare, Community Development, Disability, Education, Environment & Animal Welfare, Girl Child & Women Welfare & Empowerment, Health, and Human Rights, Mobility Aids for the Disabled, Afforestation, Water conversation and Support for the Elderly among other causes.    

Dr. Rupande Padaki, Chairperson, India Cares Foundation, said “Quoting Frank Gaines said ‘He who can see the invisible, can do the impossible” the donors, fundraisers, and companies that have supported their chosen causes through the platform of TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2022, will probably never meet the lives they have changed. Their contributions will make dreams come true, change lives for the better and help many communities get back on track after the pandemic. Our deepest wish is for many more CSOs to understand and utilise the platform and more people to know the difference they can make to their chosen cause!”.

Funds raised through individual fundraisers irrespective of social and economic demographics have impacted CSOs across the country. 28% of funds were raised towards Education causes followed by 38% for Disability.

“Coming after a break of two years, the TCS World 10K Bengaluru was an amazing experience for all. The Pledge by IDFC FIRST Bank to contribute to social causes on behalf of every qualifying participant gave runners a reason beyond winning to cross the finishing line. A completely digitized and simple process enabled participants to select a social cause of their choice. For runners at the TCS World 10K, this was no longer just a race for joy but a race to enable someone’s #JourneyToTheStart, said, Naarayan TV, Chief Marketing Officer, IDFC FIRST Bank.


  • 7 organizations have raised INR 10+ lakh.
  • In the Care Champions category, TCM Sundaram raised over INR 2 lakh each for 4 different CSOs/ NGOs
  • Amongst the top corporate contributors Western Digital Technologies has contributed INR 26.25 lakh and Informatica Business Solutions contributed INR 7 lakh, with the total contributed by Companies being INR 79.75 lakh
  • The event platform is not just about funds raised; Solidarity Foundation working with the LGBT community and Sevabharathi from Dakshin Kannada got over dozen of their beneficiaries, to participate in Champions With Disability and Majja Run on Race Day to provide them an experience of inclusivity, for the first time in their lives.

IMPACT 2019 & 2020

Over 20,000 lives changed for the better with the funds raised in the TCS World 10K Bengaluru in 2019 in the following areas:

  • Education – School fees, Books, Counselling, Teacher’s salaries, English Speaking Classes, after-school tuitions.
  • Disability – Wheelchairs, Mobility aids, Special Educators, Vocational Training for women with disabilities, counselling, medical treatment, microfinance for PWDs to be financially independent and look after their family
  • Children – received a home that will keep them safe from the horrors of living on the streets
  • Environment – Farmers received fruit-bearing tree saplings, support in selling produce, etc.
  • Women & Girl children – Girls were provided with CBSE education and menstrual hygiene awareness sessions, and Women were given vocational training, pre-and post-natal medical check-ups for women along with required nutrition, Community clinics were run for women facing domestic violence and sexual abuse in vulnerable localities, LGBT community received sessions on their rights.
  • The incalculable indirect impact of these 20K individuals being supported with the funds raised by 70+ CSOs/ NGOs is far more far-reaching.

Vivek Singh, Joint Managing Director, Procam International, said, “The philanthropic and social impact of the TCS World 10K, Bengaluru is unrivaled. The NGOs, fundraisers, and corporates welcomed back this platform, as an opportunity to get back on track with program fundraising. We are truly overwhelmed with pride to witness how TCS World 10K, Bengaluru continues to invoke the philanthropic perseverance of its participants. India Cares Foundation, our Philanthropy Partner has been a pillar of strength and we are grateful to them for mobilizing the community for a larger good.”



  • Highest Fundraising CSO: Bal Utsav – INR 48,55, 607/-
  • Second Highest Fundraising CSO: Amar Seva Sangam– INR 45,92,159/-
  • Third Highest Fundraising CSO: proVision Asia - INR 37,58,970/-


  • Highest Contributing Company: Western Digital Technologies Inc. - INR 26,25,000/-
  • Second Highest Contributing Company: Informatica Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. - INR 7,00,000/-


  • Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Platinum (Individuals committed to raising a minimum of INR 10 Lakh) is Binu Verma for Bal Utsav INR 44,13,400/-
  • Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Diamond (Individuals committed to raising a minimum of INR 5 lakh) is Sudhir Shetty for Vasantharatna Foundation INR 5,23,182/-
  • Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Gold (Individuals committed to raising a minimum of INR 2.5 lakh) is TC Meenakshisundaram for Abhyudaya, Amara Seva Sangam, Ashwini Charitable Trust and Bhumi INR 10,97,000/-
  • Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Silver (Individuals committed to raising a minimum of INR 1 lakh)
  • Diwakar Menon for Diya Foundation INR 2,83,001/-

iCARE (Individuals who decide to do the best they can)

  • Highest Individual Fundraiser: Maya Ann Dsouza for Reaching Hand INR 2,24,210/-
  • Second Highest Individual Fundraiser: Sahana Swaminathan for eVidyaloka Trust INR 1,18,363/-

TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2020

The 2020 edition of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru, was conducted in December 2020 as a virtual run with participation from over 9,600 runners.  The event also showcased the magnanimity of the spirit of giving in times of extreme hardships. 45 CSOs raised over INR 90.47 lakhs with the support of 21 individuals who fundraised for their chosen CSO, and 1,220 participants who made a top-up donation towards the common pool with India Cares Foundation which in turn was equally disbursed to all participating CSOs. 



  • Highest Fundraising CSO: Vidya Sagar – INR 49,40, 511/-
  • Second Highest Fundraising CSO: One Billion Literates Foundation– INR 11,99,997/-
  • Third Highest Fundraising CSO: Environment Association of Bangalore - INR 6,24,621/-


  • Dwaraka Pandurangi for Vidya Sagar INR 49,46,001/-
  • Anamika Majumder for Sahasra Deepika Education Trust INR 5,63,720/-
  • Usha Baliga for Sahasra Deepika Educational Trust INR 5,63,720/-

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