Entry to the Majja Run race category will be confirmed basis the following:

I] General Category: Applications under general category will be accepted on first come first served basis and the event promoter will stop accepting applications as and when the limited running spaces kept aside for "General Category" are filled.

II] Charity Running Places :

NGOs registered with the event's Philanthropy Partner, India Cares Foundation, have been allotted limited charity running places, which can be availed by applicants directly through the participating NGOs. Charity running places will be available with the participating NGOs for a donation from 25th March to 05th May 2022, or until charity running places last, whichever is earlier. Applicants, under charity running places, will also need to submit–

  1. Mandatory documents required for application submission, eg: Govt. approved personal photo identification document,
  2. COVID-19 vaccination certificate certifying the applicant being fully vaccinated on or before 30th April 2022.

You may log on to the philanthropy partner's website for more details. 

  •  Applicants will get their confirmation within 7 working days of uploading the COVID-19 fully vaccinated certificate or on or before 5th May 2022, whichever is earlier. 
  • Timing results, rankings and certificates of the TCS World 10K 2022 will be generated only for runners who complete the 5 km distance within 45 mins from their start time.

For information on Charity Running Places and the list of participating NGOs, write to or log on to

All applicants and confirmed participants of the TCS World 10K 2022 are requested to visit the event website: for regular updates.