BIB Surrender Facility

  • Confirmed participants of Open 10K, who are unable to participate on race day due to unavoidable circumstances, will now be able to surrender their bibs to Procam International. The application fees paid will be refunded post deduction of INR 150 as processing charges.
  • Confirmed participant can surrender his/her bib with effect from 18th April 2019 (10 am IST) to 26th April 2019 (6 pm IST)by filling the bib surrender request form
  • Once the bib surrender request is successfully processed, you will receive an mail on your registered email asking for your NEFT/Bank account details to process the refund of application fees after deduction of INR 150 as processing charges, you can also your submit NEFT/Bank account details under application status. Online refund will be made to your bank account on or before 30th May 2019. Any refund discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the Event’s Registration Team immediately. Requests for cancellation/bib surrender and thereby, refund request will not be entertained post 26th April 2019 . Further, application fees shall not be refunded by virtue of non participation, including failure by a confirmed participant to collect his/her bib from the Get Active expo.
  • Please note, a confirmed participant can surrender his/her bib ONLY to Procam International between the dates mentioned above. No individual/group has been authorised to accept surrendered bib on behalf of the Promoter. Any other means of bib surrender would result in disqualification of the confirmed participant from the 2019 and 2020 editions of the Event.
  • Where there is any discrepancy found at any point in time, Event Promoter, Procam International, reserves the right to reject bib surrender request.

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Note: Data is updated for Online till 13th May 2019 and Offline till 13th May 2019.