Distance 10 KM
Minimum Age Eligibility 15 Years Age as on 19.12.2020
30th November 2020 (7 PM IST) 25th December 2020 (11:59 PM IST) Domestic Residents (Citizens residing within the country) INR 499/-
Overseas Residents (Citizens residing outside country) USD 30
  • 1. Minimum age eligibility as on 19.12.2020 is 15 years.
  • 2. Download the TCSW10K App from :
  • 3. Complete your selected race category on any day between 20th-27th December 2020. i.e. from 00:00 hrs on 20th December till 23:59 hrs on 27th December 2020
  • 4. While there is no option for a Practice Run on the App, The app will offer a pause button but will calculate both active time and elapsed time and the runners timing will be based on elapsed time which will include any paused time. You have to complete your run within 24 hours of your race start time on the TCSW10K App.Once you complete the distance that you have registered for, it gets automatically submitted to our system. You can only attempt the run once between 20th to 27th December 2020
  • 5. Runners will participate in TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2020 from wherever they are or from a location convenient to them, using only dedicated TCSW10K App.
  • 6. Donation option is available for Indian Nationals only.
  • 7. Click here for Gratifications offered.
  • 8.Physical gratification will be shipped on or before 10th Feb 2021.
  • 9. For more information, please check FAQs.