Tata Consultancy Services World 10K welcomes The Whole Truth as Snack Partner

Procam International, pioneers of distance running events in India, announced its partnership with The Whole Truth, India’s first 100% Clean Label food brand, as Snack Partner for Tata Consultancy Services World 10K, Bengaluru slated for Sunday, 15th May 2022.  With this association, The Whole Truth forays into Distance Running with the world’s premier and richest 10K.

India’s leading healthy packaged food start-up, The Whole Truth, creates food so clean, that Each and Every ingredient that goes into it, is declared proudly upfront on the pack, with nothing to hide. Their food philosophy is simple Good Food = Good Ingredients.

Today, running is the fastest- growing participative sport in urban India and the TCS World 10K, a World Athletics Elite Label Road Race attracts over 25,000 amateurs and elites athletes from across the globe.

The USP of a participative sport such as running is that each individual who takes up the sport of running is heavily invested in their journey of performance and improvement. This offers The Whole Truth an opportune window to actively engage with a consumer for the long term. Re-building trust in food, educating and creating awareness on healthy eating for enhanced performance within the running community.

Shashank Mehta, Founder, and CEO, The Whole Truth on the association said, “At The Whole Truth, we’re building India’s first 100% Clean Label food brand. And as the founder, my own first love is running. It’s the sport that made fall in love with fitness. It is such a privilege hence, that with the return (after 2 years!) of the iconic TCS World 10K by, TWT gets to be the race’s Official Snack. And be responsible for the nutrition of fellow marathoners. Let’s run!.” 

Speaking on the partnership, Vivek Singh, Jt. Managing Director, Procam International, said, “Everything we do is with a single-minded focus to offer the best to our runners. We are extremely excited to welcome a vibrant, conscious brand The Whole Truth as a Snack Partner for the Tata Consultancy Services World 10K.

He further added, “We have always believed in cementing partnerships, beyond return on investment. Distance Running has proven to be the best experiential platform for brands. This presents a new brand like The Whole Truth with a unique opportunity to build brand loyalty and create essential differentiators. We are sure this is just a beginning to a long-standing association.”

The Whole Truth has revolutionized India’s packaged food market with its healthy products since 2019. The brand has launched categories like Protein bars, Mueslis Peanut Butter, Energy Bars, and Mini Protein Bars.

Registrations for the 14th edition of Tata Consultancy Services across different categories – Open 10K, Majja Run (5 km), Senior Citizen Run (4.2 km), Champions with Disability (4.2 km) are now open. For an enhanced and widespread footprint of the event, for the first time, TCS World 10K will be conducted – on-ground and as a virtual app-based run.  For more details log on www.tcsworld10k.procam.in.

About The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth (TWT) is India’s only 100% clean label brand. They create food so clean, that they list each and every ingredient that goes into it, upfront (not hidden at the back in microscopic font). Brands hide what goes into their food because they have something to hide. In the name of ‘healthy,’ we’re all being sold a bunch of self-serving half-truths by food brands all around us. TWT plans to change that. And they’re going to do this by telling The Whole Truth. That’s all. The 5-6 ingredients listed on the front of their packs are the only things that go into their food. Anything else is a strict no. No added sugar, no chemicals, no sweeteners, no hiding, no bullsh*t. Just a handful of simple, natural ingredients your mom would approve of.

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