TCS W10K continues to be South India’s largest single fund raising platform; raised INR 4 Crores till date

India Cares under the aegis of the TCS W10K launch the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation project (CPR)

The TCS World 10K Bengaluru, which has raised over Rs 26.34 crore for CSO’s across all causes since its inception in 2008, continues to be South India’s largest single fundraising platform, with INR 4 crores raised to date during the celebratory tenth edition of the run.

The funds of INR 6.05 crores raised through the 2016 edition of the run, impacted over 80,000 individuals, directly and indirectly. Causes benefitted, included providing Mobility Aids; Education in balwadis to higher studies; Vocational Training for livelihood; Healthcare from medical camps to specialised operations; Tree plantation for farmers to sustain their livelihood; setting up of long-term building foundations and supporting budding athletes in Olympic and Para-Olympic sports.

In its tenth edition, with INR 4 Crore already raised for causes of choice, the 2017 edition will also witness the participation of 30 companies with 43 teams, over 200 charity fundraisers, and more than 6000 donors.

Amongst the 6000 donors running for a cause, the starting line-up will include, 17-year-old Ishana Sundar, a full-time high school student and a part-time astronomy enthusiast who strongly believes in empowering the young woman. Ishana will be running for Baale Mane in support of her feminist vision. 

Joining her will be Vishwas KS – an International ‘Para-Swimmer’ with 3 international medals for India who lost his arms in an electrocution accident early in his life. 

Alongside him will be Derek Akash, an employee of TE Connectivity, who is spearheading the fundraising initiative amongst the employees in his organization. Sharing the details on this years fundraising efforts, Murray Culshaw, Chairman Bengaluru Cares, the Philanthropy Partner  of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2017, said, “India Cares has been associated with the TCS World 10K Bengaluru since inception and we have seen a remarkable increase in the number of individuals who are using the TCS World 10k platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes. This year, we are also announcing an initiative to ‘give’ back to the city, with the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation project, which we are confident that the citizens of Bengaluru will contribute back to. The need for a more caring society is growing and this is the perfect way to start than to support causes of choice and your city. We all get better together!”

The Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Project, which kicked-off recently is  spearheaded by the India Cares Foundation, under the aegis of Tata Consultancy Services World 10k Bengaluru and is a commitment to the rejuvenation of Cubbon Park with the help of Boime and Friends of Lakes which is founded by Conservationist & Activist Ramprasad Dasa.

The rejuvenation project will include dewatering and de-silting of 6 Open Wells at Cubbon Park, installing mesh covers on wells to prevent leaves and garbage entering the wells, providing a pump and required electrical works for each of the wells + suitable pipelines to transport all water from all 7 wells to the ponds, the project will also include the digging of rainwater trenches to harvest rainwater to these water bodies.

The project will also be mentored by Vishwanath S., popularly known as ‘Zenrainman’ who will with his knowledge of best practices for water conservation will assist with the implementation of best rain water practices. 

Recognizing the efforts of all donors and India Cares, Vivek Singh concluded, “Over the last ten years, the TCS World 10K has gone beyond a running event. We have since the inception witnessed the astronomical rise of people who look at this event, as more than a run, but also look at it as an opportunity to raise funds and support causes of their choice. It is the efforts of the thousands of donors, that has made us the single largest fund-raising platform in South India. We are also proud, to begin with, the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation project, which along with the citizens of our host city, will be an initiative that will truly give back to this garden city. It is us, all of us together, who will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of this thriving metropolitan.”

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