TCS World 10k 2016 Bengaluru Raises INR 6.05 Crores For Charity! 34% Increase; Surpasses All Previous Editions!

The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) World 10K 2016, Bengaluru’s premier 10K run saw its 9th edition bring together people from all walks of life contributing to social causes by running for over a 102 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs). This generous outpouring of support saw over INR 6.05 crores raised for multiple causes through the efforts of the Philanthropy Partner India Cares Foundation along with the participating CSOs/ NGOs, continuing the trend of being the single largest charity raising platform in South India.

An overwhelming number of CSOs/ NGOs, corporate houses and individual groups participated in the run, supporting causes like Disability, Community and Civic Development, Elderly, Education, Environment and Wildlife, Health, Arts and Culture, and Girl Child and Women.

Since its inception in 2008, the TCS World 10K has raised over INR 26 crore, making it one of South India’s premier charity drives.

“This year the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs/ NGOs) have shown increased enthusiasm for the opportunities of this wonderful event to communicate their work and raise resources. We at India Cares have also increased our support. All organisations staff, board members, volunteers and runners were guided on how to achieve more; met more companies, and helped identify Champions. The TCS World 10k promotes philanthropy in a huge way; more individuals are donating larger amounts with confidence that their money is going to make an impact on the lives of people, on the welfare of animals and on our environment.” Murray Culshaw, Chairperson, India Cares Foundation.

‘Face of the event’ Puneeth Rajkumar, who has been a loyal supporter of the run over the years, said, “As a proud Bengalurean, I continue to be amazed, with every edition of the run, by the compassionate side of the city. The vibrant running community of Bengaluru always step up to contribute to causes associated with the run or participating as runners and volunteers. With the amount raised for charity touching a record figure, I am privileged to be part of the TCS World 10K, 2016.”

The 2016 edition saw over 102 civil society organisations take part in the fundraising efforts, bringing together a city that is passionate about running and bettering society for future generations.

    • The top 3 NGOs Shrimad Rajachandra Sarvamangal Trust, Vidya Sagar and Reaching Hand collectively raised a total of INR 1,89,27,054.
    • Charity begins at Home – In the Care Champions category, this year we have grandmother – grandsons duo who have raised funds. The youngest Care Champion, Aum Desai raised over INR 13,39,500 and was also the highest individual fundraiser. Siddhant Desai – Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champion Gold raised INR 9,31,600 and Pramila Desai is the second Highest Fundraising Individual raised INR 6,05,311 for Shrimad Rajachandra Sarvamangal Trust.
    • The top two corporate fundraisers KPMG and First American collectively raised INR 35,40,000 with the Corporate Cares category raising a total amount of INR 1,22,80,000.
    • The Youth Cares category saw Nirmaan Organisation represented by Rahul Reddy, Dheera Sudeep, Harsha Moturi raise INR 1,77,500.


    • Funds raised INR 4.05 crores
    • Impacted directly over 25,736 individuals across various causes.
    • Funds were utilised in some of the following arenas: 5 medical camps were set up for women where over 250 took part to be screened for Hypertension, Diabetes, Anaemia, Bone Density, Respiratory Diseases, Cervical and Breast Cancer.
    • The education of nearly 8300 children taken care of for one year.
    • Over 1100 persons with disability were provided vocational training and employment thereafter.

In the concluding remarks, Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International, Procam International, said, “The TCS World 10K is a unique platform to raise awareness and funds, which has grown over 10 fold since its inception in 2008. The efforts put in by the philanthropy partner India Cares in being able to channelize CSO’s, Runners, Corporates and the city of Bengaluru to garner a 34% increase over last year is commendable. Every record set so far has been bettered across Corporates, Care Champions, number of individuals raising funds and it’s heartening to see the enthusiasm and vigour from the youth to be catalysts in this change. The city and citizens of Bengaluru helped in delivering an enviro friendly event and under the direction of N.S. Ramakant the TCS World 10k 2016 had various NGO’s and organizations ensuring a 100% waste managed event. Special thanks to the efforts put in by Hasirudala, Swabhimaan, Saahas and India Cares for helping the event achieve this distinction.”



    • Highest Fundraising NGO: Shrimad Rajachandra Sarvamangal Trust – Rs. 87,04,825/-
    • 2nd Highest Fundraising NGO: Vidya Sagar – Rs. 51,94,063/-
    • 3rd Highest Fundraising NGO: Reaching Hand – Rs. 50,28,166/-


    • Highest Fundraising company: KMPG – Rs. 26,40,000/-
    • 2nd Highest Fundraising company: First American – Rs. 9,00,000/-


    • Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champions Diamond (Individuals in this category commit to raise a minimum of INR 5 lakh.)
    • Aum Desai for Shrimad Rajachandra Educational Trust – Rs. 13,39,500/-
    • Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champions Gold (Individuals in this category commit to raise a minimum of INR 2.5 lakh.)
    • Siddhant Desai for Shrimad Rajachandra Educational Trust – Rs. 9,31,600/-
    • Highest Fundraising Individual Care Champions Silver (Individuals in this category commit to raise a minimum of INR 1 lakh.)
    • Pramila Desai for Shrimad Rajachandra Educational Trust – Rs. 6,05,311/-


    • Highest Fundraising Youth Care team ( Team of 3 students forming a group to raise a minimum of INR 50,000)
    • Nirmaan Organisation – Rahul Reddy, Dheera Sudeep, Harsha Moturi – Rs. 1,77,500/-


    • Highest Individual Fundraiser: Dwaraka Pandurangi for Vidya Sagar – Rs. 51,64,063/-
    • 2nd Highest Individual Fundraiser: Santhosh PV for Reaching Hand – Rs. 5,02,900/-
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