Yasmin Gulab

Yasmin RUNS – runs for recreation, runs a family, runs a business, runs the local Nomadic Nilgirians Running Club, and simply loves all things running! Born, raised, and lived all her life in the beautiful hills of Nilgiris, she’s been a walker all her life and took up running 5 years back. Since then she has participated in several marathons and ultra-marathons across the country as well the Chicago Marathon. Her most recent feat was at OotyUltra 60 km in 7 hours 52 minutes, emerging as the winner in the women’s category and the fastest Indian woman on this challenging route (2000+ meters in elevation covering the second highest peaks in South India), till date. Her aspiration is to finish one of the toughest race in the world, the Comrades (the ultimate human race) in June 2023.

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