It’s a place of tradition and trendsetters, where the past and future intermingle perfectly. It’s a city where chasing unicorns, both business and personal, is the new normal. It’s a metropolis that has always defined it’s own pace.

It’s a mirror of the myriad parts that make up the TCS WORLD 10K Bengaluru.

Where you can compete with the world’s best in one of the fastest courses, colour up your life while changing another’s, bond with friends and peers in the city’s most vaunted street celebration while setting your personal running goals.

Always A Step Ahead, Spectacularly Scenic, Incredibly Fast, Endlessly Magical, Truly Inclusive. Or to put it simply - It’s Forever Bengaluru.


Forever is about evoking something larger
Something significant in you and me.
It’s about lasting beyond a specific moment
That you can breathe, feel and see.

Forever is when the premier World 10K & the IT capital
Find common cause and come awake.
Where bonds are formed and friendships forged,
Memories created, shared and stored.

Forever is where scenic routes meet urban flair
When everyone can dream and dare.
Its where tech hubs meet temple trails,
And unicorns are the Holy Grail.

Forever means there’s always time
to change the way you are.
If you're willing to make changes
then your life can take you far.

Forever is in celebrating life’s colors
Magical, varied and multihued.
Where we will always be connected,
the city to the movement, the movement to you.


#Forever Bengaluru