Green Initiatives at TCS World 10K 2024

Welcome to the TCS World 10K 2024, where sustainability meets athleticism! As we gear up for one of the most anticipated running events of the year, we are proud to announce our commitment to making this year's event not only a thrilling experience for participants but also an environmentally conscious one.

At TCS World 10K 2024, we are dedicated to implementing various green initiatives aimed at reducing waste, promoting recycling, and fostering eco-friendly practices. Here's a detailed look at what you can expect:

  1. Zero Waste to Landfill: We are striving to ensure that all waste generated during the event is managed responsibly, with none of it ending up in landfills. Through careful planning and execution, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint.
  2. Fast Track Last Mile Waste Disposal: Our partnership with BBMP and Hasiru Dala Innovations ensures efficient waste management, with a focus on quick and effective disposal of waste generated during the event.
  3. Promoting Awareness: TCS World 10K serves as a platform to raise awareness about waste management and environmental practices. Through various communication channels, we aim to educate participants and spectators about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  4. Online Registrations: Embracing digitalization, we have shifted towards online registrations to reduce paper usage and streamline the registration process for participants.
  5. Digital Handbooks: Participants will receive digital handbooks instead of printed ones, minimizing paper consumption and promoting sustainability.
  6. Email and Digital Communication: We communicate with participants digitally to reduce paper consumption, ensuring that important event updates and information reach them promptly.
  7. Plastic-Free Bibs: Bibs are distributed without any plastic cover, reducing single-use plastic usage and promoting a greener approach to event organization.
  8. Reusable Backpack Bags: Participants receive reusable backpack bags for holding bibs and personal items, encouraging reuse and reducing plastic bag usage.
  9. Paper Bags for Event Kitting: Event kitting materials are packed in paper bags, promoting the use of eco-friendly packaging alternatives.
  10. Plastic Cover Return: Participants are encouraged to return the plastic covers of race day event tees in designated bins at the Expo, promoting recycling and waste reduction.
  11. Bring Your Own Water Bottle: Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to the event, which can be refilled at refill counters provided at water stations, reducing plastic bottle waste.
  12. Waste Segregation: Waste is segregated at source, with dry and wet waste separated at various event locations to facilitate proper disposal and recycling.
  13. Organic Waste Conversion: Organic waste is collected and converted into bio-CNG at HD's biogas plant, promoting the conversion of waste into renewable energy.
  14. Recycling Initiatives: Pet bottles are recycled and converted into buttons for use in apparel, while waste paper and cardboard are recycled into various products such as paper, files, and craft paper.
  15. Branding Recycled: Branding materials are collected and recycled by NGO Swabhimaan to create useful products, promoting circularity and waste reduction.
  16. Excess Food Distribution: Excess food items post the event are distributed to the needy through NGO Swabhimaan, reducing food wastage and supporting the community.
  17. Sustainability Reporting: A sustainability report, along with waste generation data, will be promoted on the event website and social media platforms, fostering transparency and accountability.
  18. Bicycle Parking: Participants can choose to bicycle to the venue, with bicycle stands provided for safe parking. Location details will be announced via event website and social media platforms, encouraging eco-friendly transportation options.
  19. Water Conservation: Water left in bottles and from leftover ice packets will be collected and used for watering plants in the city, minimizing water wastage and promoting conservation.

We invite all participants and spectators to actively participate in these green efforts and join us in making TCS World 10K 2024 a sustainable and environmentally responsible event. Together, let's run towards a greener future!